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How to Decorate with Tiles in Your Home?

Decorative tiles have been around since 700 BC and they are still as popular as ever. Tiles have many advantages for the decorator – they are sturdy, colourful, provide an interesting texture and are easy to clean. Fortunately, there are a myriad of ways to decorate your home with tiles.

Before decorating with the tips below, it is highly recommended to use a tile cleaning service, there are a lots of professional for this area in Canada. Alright, here is a basic guide to the options for decorating with tiles in your home.

Tile Floors

A traditional way to decorate with tiles is by using them on a floor. Tile floors work well in areas which need to be durable and easy to clean, such as the kitchen, bathroom, or porch.

There are many types of tile floors. For instance, you can introduce a design element to your floor by using different colors of tiles to create a pattern. Under tile heating is growing in popularity, to add warmth to tile floors. Tiles made from slate or other type of stone are a hit with people who want a natural look in a kitchen.

Tiles on Walls

Tiles are often used to cover walls – they offer both a colorful design accent and a durable surface which is easy to clean. Tiles are often used on walls next to countertops in kitchens. That way, it is easy to wipe off food or liquids which come into contact with the walls. Bathrooms also often incorporate wall tiles. They are popularly used around the sink basin and in the shower cubicle to provide a decorative, easy to clean surface. A ‘splashback’ is the tiled wall area behind a sink or appliance, which is intended to protect the wall from spills and splashes.

Tiles for Fireplaces and Stoves

Special heat-resistant tiles are often used to decorate areas around a fireplace or wood-burning stove. They provide a safe surface to surround the tile. Also they help to keep dirt and ashes contained by providing an easy to clean surface. Heat resistant tiles are available in many rich colors and many decorators choose a tile pattern or design to decorate a fireplace.

Decorative Tiles

Tiles which are made just for decorating are another attractive decorative option. Home furnishings which are decorated with tiles include mirror frames, tables and other furniture. ‘Mosaic’ decoration refers to small decorative tiles which are arranged to form a pattern. Mosaic tiles can add color and texture to your living area.