Affordable Cold Weather Decorating Ideas

Don’t let the cold weather spoil your winter fun! Instead, decorate with inventive solutions in mind. Snuggle up in a stunning homemade pocket blanket. Enjoy the glow of candles in a candelabra. Cover your bed with a sea of mismatched blankets without giving up on style. And prepare your front door for all that winter blows its way. Here’s how.

Faux Fur Pocket Blanket

Luxurious and deliciously warm, faux fur blankets are easy to make. Buy faux fur fabric at a fabric store, using online store coupons to cut your cost. Fold the fabric in half and sew three sides together, leaving the fourth open, like a pocket. Now use this affordable cold weather decorating idea to snuggle up in your living room on cold winter nights.

Candelabra Chandelier

With its flickering candles, a candelabra chandelier is an emblem of warmth. Hang a chandelier candelabrum from a corner of your living room or over your mantelpiece. Use white votive candles, which are clean burning and scent free. And string craft store bead chains or pearls around the candelabra for added beauty.

Beautiful Warm Bed

Pile your bed high with thick blankets, regardless of color and style. Then toss a beautiful duvet over the top. Tuck all the blanket edges under the mattress to give this affordable cold weather decorating idea the tailored look of a hotel-made bed.

Entryway Comforts

At a container store, look for an affordable umbrella stand to grace your doorstep. Place a hat stand in a corner for hanging coats, scarves, hats and gloves. On the side, add two large lidded baskets lined with trash bags, one for storing wet boots, the other for outdoor winter toys.

Front Door Winter Beauty

In a colorful lidded garden jar by your door keep a Ziploc bag filled with cheap table salt for treating your porch and stairs when temperatures drop below freezing. And decorate your empty summer planters with warm-hued silk flowers.

Electric Fireplace Stove

With its dancing fake flames, electric stoves offer up to 5000 BTU heating in a decorative package. Look for affordable, on-sale stoves online, at home improvement stores or even in drug stores. Always be sure to download a store coupon. You can even use this affordable cold weather decorating idea inside your existing fireplace, in place of burning wood.

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