The Kidney Foundation of Canada is a national volunteer organization founded in Montreal in 1964. It was the death of young Morty Tarder, who died of kidney failure at the age of 24, that motivated a group of volunteers to create The Kidney Foundation of Canada to raise funds in order to fund research and services to people living with kidney disease.

Volunteer work is at the heart of all the Foundation's actions. It was at the origin of its foundation and still continues today to be its driving force in fundraising, as well as in administration, or in the performance of patient services. The volunteers are present in all spheres of the Foundation's activities and participate daily and concretly in its evolution.

A volunteer is&
A person who demonstrates personal initiative by participating in the social development of the community. A person who commits to working for free within an organization in the interest of the cause which it advocates for the pleasure of helping others and by personal choice. In Quebec, thousands of volunteers participate every year in the various activities of The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Your support is invaluable to us.


The advantages of doing volunteer work for The Kidney Foundation of Canada:

  • You participate in the advancement of research related to kidney disease;
  • You concretely help people living with kidney disease;
  • You are part of a group, you meet new people, and create friendships;
  • You acquire a unique work experience;
  • You learn the functioning of an organization involved, among others, in fundraising.
      To become a volunteer for The Kidney Foundation of Canada

You can also contact your local Chapter of the Foundation.

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