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Patrice Waché and Guy Langlois present the Communications Award of the Quebec Branch to Jacques Duval, spokesperson for the Kidney-Car program since 1998.

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Is your car dying? It could save lives!

The Kidney-Car program aims to collect old vehicles in order to raise funds to finance the various programs of The Kidney Foundation of Canada: research on kidney disease, patient services and the promotion of organ donation.

The operation is simple: if you wish to get rid of your old car, call the KIDNEY-CAR number of your region and make an appointment with the recycler taking part in the program. The vehicle is towed free of charge, and the Foundation will send an income tax receipt to the donor. The recycler recovers the pieces and collects the oils and other pollutants. In addition, Kidney-Car favors road safety by contributing to eliminate from the roads potentially dangerous vehicles in bad condition.

Mr. Jacques Duval, car chronicler, the Société de l'assurance-automobile du Québec (SAAQ), the Quebec Car Dealers Corporation (QCDC) and CAA-Quebec are the major partners in this innovative program.

Call KIDNEY-CAR in your region:


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Montreal, Laval and South Shore: 

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Eastern Townships:

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Kidney-Car : Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be any cost to me?
No. Your vehicle will be towed free of charge, and the Foundation will send you an income tax receipt.

What can I donate?
You can donate a car, van, truck or boat. Just remember: the vehicle must be whole and you must have a clear title to it.

How can I make my unwanted vehicle a Kidney Car?
Call 1-888-228-8673 to get the phone number of your region�s recycler taking part of the program. Then, you can take an appointment with the recycler and he will tow your vehicle free of charge.

How long does it take to get my vehicle picked up?
Usually, the recycler will come and get your vehicle within 48 hours following your phone call. However, there can be a longer delay, depending on the region you live in and on the number of cars that are waiting to be picked up. You can confirm the delay with your region�s recycler.

Is my donation tax deductible?
The Kidney Foundation of Canada is a non-profit organization, so you will receive an income tax receipt for deduction. Consult your tax advisor or accountant for details.

How long is it going to take before I receive my income tax receipt?
You should receive your receipt within 2 months following your donation. However, the delay may vary a little, depending on the region you live in. If you made a donation via Kidney Car and haven�t receive your receipt by the time you were supposed to, just call the Foundation or call the toll-free number.

What will be the amount of the receipt?
Usually, the Kidney Car program picks up vehicles that are intended for the wreck, and the amount is established at $50. In certain cases, the amount can be higher or lower. Before you give your vehicle to Kidney Car, confirm the amount with the recycler.

How do I proceed for my licence plate?
Your recycler will give you a document entitled "Attestation de transaction avec un commer�ant". Then, you can go to the SAAQ office with the document or call your region�s SAAQ office to put your vehicle to wreck.

Will I receive any money for my vehicle?
No. The Foundation will send you an income tax receipt if you decide to give your vehicle to the Kidney Car program.

Thank your very much for supporting The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

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