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Why The Kidney Foundation promotes organ donation?

The Kidney Foundation of Canada actively promotes awareness of and commitment to organ and tissue donation because:

  • There is actually an important lack of organs available for transplant.

  • 79% of Canadians awaiting a transplant hope to receive a kidney.

  • In Quebec, of the 488 persons who underwent an organ transplant in 2003, 281 received a kidney, 113, a liver and 47, a heart. While the number of kidney transplants is high, 670 are still on a waiting list comparatively to 190 persons awaiting other types of transplants. The kidney remains the most often transplanted organ and by far, the most in demand.

  • Kidney transplantation remains the optimal treatment for kidney failure patients, the only other treatment being dialysis which cleans the blood artificially.

  • After one year, the rate of success of kidney transplants is between 85 and 95% and this percentage improves from year to year because of medical research breakthroughs.

However, for a kidney transplant to be successful, a compatible organ must be available. Unfortunately, the needs are far greater than our resources, so much so that Canadians are dying each year awaiting a kidney transplant. Hence the reason why The Kidney Foundation of Canada is working in cooperation with representatives from the various governments to improve the number of organ donation in Canada. The Foundation urges all Canadians to donate their organs and apprise their family of their decision.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada has taken a lead role in promoting awareness of and commitment to organ donation in Canada. More than ever, it is aware of the importance of organ donation as the number of Canadians awaiting a kidney transplant increases constantly. At the end December 2003, some 3,900 Canadians were on a waiting list for a transplant and 79% of these patients are awaiting a kidney transplant. Consequently, The Kidney Foundation of Canada plays an active role in developing a number of strategies focusing on finding solutions to resolve the problem of the critical lack of organs available in Canada.


If you wish to donate your organs after your death, The Kidney Foundation of Canada encourages you to sign your organ donor sticker and stick it on the back of your Medicare card. It is very important to tell your family members about your wishes because the final decision will rest upon them.

To request a sticker or obtain more information, contact The Kidney Foundation of Canada.





For more information, contact:

Danièle Drolet
Director of the Organ Donation Program
The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Quebec Branch
2300 René-Lévesque Blvd. W
Montreal (Quebec) H3H 2R5

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