The Gift of Life Insurance


A gift of life insurance is a simple way of making a donation to The Kidney Foundation of Canada. In addition, a life insurance policy will enable you to bequeath a substantial amount without having to engage in major expenses.

The insurance's annual premiums are offset by income tax credits. Existing policies which have served their initial objective can be surrendered to The Kidney Foundation of Canada. The cash surrender value of the policy is recognized with income tax credits.

The gift of insurance has many benefits:

  • The planned gift of a life insurance policy entitles you to immediate income tax credits.

  • It is independant of any bequest you wish to leave your loved ones in your will, as this gift does not affect your estate in any way.

  • Life insurance policies are not subject to administrative delays. The full amount of the insurance is immediately and entirely received by The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

  • Gifts of life insurance policies are strictly confidential.

  • Contrary to a will, a gift of life insurance cannot be contested.

We invite you to speak to your own insurance agent to determine the type of insurance that is most suitable for you. When you have made your decision, we will be pleased to help you to satisfy all administrative formalities.