The Charitable Remainder Trust


Charitable Remainder Trusts allow to make a gift of substantial value to The Kidney Foundation of Canada while retaining the benefit of the income it generates for the lifetime of the donor or a specified period of time.

A Charitable Remainder Trust is created by making an irrevocable gift funded with cash, securities or real estate to The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

Only the Foundation can remove capital from the trust. The donor has no right to encroach on the capital. The trust may be managed by you or by professional managers.

Charitable Remainder Trusts generate an immediate tax receipt. The tax credit is prepared taking into account the amount donated or the value of the assets, current interest rates and life expectancy of the donor according to a table published by the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada).

A Charitable Remainder Trust could be an attractive avenue since it generates an immediate income tax receipt. In addition, it allows the donor (or a person designated by the donor) to use the income generated by the trust.

In addition, your donation will remain forever confidential as a Trust gift is not included in your estate and, unlike a bequest, it cannot be challenged in court.