Endowment: The Gift of a Lifetime

The Kidney Foundation of Canada is committed to improving the health and quality of life of those who live with kidney disease. Many Canadians make a very real contribution to the success of this mission through Planned Giving options, such as our Endowment Fund.

A commitment to the Fund gives those who participate the special satisfaction of knowing that their gift will positively affect the lives of thousands of individuals, and that it will do so in perpetuity.

A gift that goes on giving
In fact, a contribution to The Kidney Foundation of Canada Endowment Fund goes well beyond a lifetime since the principal amount of your gift is invested. Only the income generated will be used to finance the Foundation's vital activities which you will find described on the following pages.

Your Endowment may be established in your own name or on behalf of a person of your choice. Often, for example, the gift is bestowed in a loved one's name as a permanent remembrance. Various tax benefits apply, depending on the manner in which the donation is made.

Flexible features give you control
A gift to the Endowment Fund, of a total minimum amount of $ 2,500, may be made in one lump sum or in payments over a five-year period. It also allows contributors to influence the application of the funding their gift provides. For example, you may designate the overall mission of the Foundation as beneficiary of your gift, in which case the income from your Endowment investment will be applied where the need is greatest as determined by the volunteer leadership. On the other hand, you may prefer to support a specific Foundation activity such as research, organ donation, patient services or public education.

An investment you can make with confidence
When you make a commitment to our Endowment Fund, you can be confident not only that your gift will tangibly improve lives, but that its value will be maximized over time by a respected investment management group guided by the policies and procedures of The Kidney Foundation of Canada.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada acknowledges its cherished Endowment Fund donors with the following special recognition categories:

Founder's Circle - $ 100,000
The Michel Perron Endowment Fund on research

President's Circle - $ 75,000

Benefactor - $ 50,000

Patron - $ 25,000
The Basic Science Endowment Fund

Associate - $ 10,000

Supporter - $ 5,000
Fonds de dotation Dr Daniel G. Bichet
Dr Andrey V. Cybulsky & Daria Trojan Endowment Fund
Fonds de dotation Famille Dani�le et Robert Deslauriers
John N. & Sophia Economides Endowment Fund
Tetiana M. Gerych & George Sawchyn Endowment Fund
Fonds de dotation Dr Pierre Nantel
Reginald Steers & Andrée Thériault Steers Endowment Fund

Friend - $ 2 500
Harold W. Ashenmil Endowment Fund
Fonds de dotation Philippe Bouchard
Fonds de dotation Michel Bouvier
Fonds de dotation Jacques et Monique Davignon
Fonds de dotation Louise et Dr André De Léan
Fonds de dotation Yvon Dupuis
Geoffrey N. Hendy Endowment Fund
Fonds de dotation Lajeunesse
Fonds de dotation Guy Langlois
Fonds de dotation Chantale Lauzon
Dr Serge Lemay & Dr Tomoko Tokano Endowment Fund
Fonds de dotation Denis A. Marquis et Marie Fragasso
Fonds de dotation Linda Pellas
Fonds de dotation Pigeon
Fonds de dotation Danielle Poulin et Michel Girard
Fonds de dotation Sylvain Thibault
Fonds de dotation Patrice Waché
Fonds de dotation des employ�s, b�n�voles et amis de la Succursale du Qu�bec