Making the Most of Your Cabinet Corners

Designing a kitchen is both challenging and rewarding. Since most of us don’t have the luxury of unlimited space, we need to take advantage of every inch we do have – including the cabinet corners. If there’s a new kitchen in your future, you might want to look at these terrific uses of cabinet corners and work them into your design plan.

The Corner Cabinet Dilemma

We’ve all had to deal with a useless corner cabinet at some point in our lives. You know – that corner cabinet space that you really can’t get to and it’s just awkward enough to make you want to scream every time you need to retrieve something you stuck in that space. Even more frustrating is when you take the time to look at it closely and you realize there’s actually quite a bit of square footage in that space – if only you could use it a little more efficiently.

No sweat – here are three kitchen design ideas that will deliver the best use of those crazy corners.

Carousel Cabinets

If you’ve never owned one of these inventive little beauties, you’re in for a real treat. It’s like a lazy Susan on steroids. With a sturdily constructed corner carousel cabinet, you can create a mini-pantry and rotate the shelves for a full view of every item.

This is one of the most common solutions to the corner dilemma and it works quite well. However, be prepared to shell out some cash – more often than not, these units are usually a bit on the expensive side. But, if you’re short on useable cabinet space, they can be worth every penny you pay for them.

Corner Stove Placement

When working with a U-shaped kitchen plan, most people will place the sink in the middle space of the counter with the stove and dishwasher on the two opposite sides of the U-shape facing each other. While this may make the perfect “working triangle” – it also chops up most of the available counter and cabinet space and it usually creates two small “useless” cabinet corners.

There is another alternative for a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen. Try positioning your range or stove in one of the corners of your cabinet design. Not only will you reclaim valuable counter space, but using the corner will free up either side of the stove for totally accessible reach-in cabinets.

Placing the appliance on an angle won’t even require custom cabinet work. Just order the flanking cabinets to fit tightly around the front of the stove and the countertop will cover the rest. It’s a perfect solution to a pesky problem.

Corner Dishwasher Placement

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. OK, translated that means if placing the stove on an angle in one corner works well, why not place the dishwasher in same way in the opposite corner? It will be close enough to the sink for your dish chores – but, it will also give you bigger cabinets on either side of the dishwasher unit.

Making the Most of All Your Cabinet Space

The feature photo for this article is a perfect example of placing an appliance in a corner cabinet position. To finish your design you can also put a vent hood or microwave above the stove or range. Or you can put an upper corner cabinet unit above the dishwasher. Using the upper space in the corners will bring even more storage to your design.

With a little thought and an unusual cabinet plan you can design a kitchen that takes advantage of all your space – even the corners.

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